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FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2016
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                            Tournament T – Shirt Order Form

 Teams will have the opportunity to Pre-order T-Shirts for their players and fans. To guarantee
that your t
will get tournament T-Shirts, You must Pre-order. There will be a limited amount
of T-Shirts available
at the
tournament. The World Series T-Shirts will have the states and names
listed on the back.

Tournament T-Shirts

                         Size                            Order  

              Adult Small                         ________      

              Adult Medium                      ________                                                 

              Adult Large                          ________                                                     

              Adult X-Large                       ________                                                  

              Adult XX-Large                     ________    

              Adult XXX-Large                   ________    


                               Total # of (S-XL)  ________    X $15.00 = $  __________

                                    (XXL & XXXL)  ________    X $17.00 = $ __________

                                                             Total Amount Due = $  __________  


 Team Name: __________________________________Name:____________________________________  

  Address _______________________________________________________________________________    

 Phone #______________________    E-Mail __________________________________________________

 Credit Card #__________________________________________________  Exp. Date _______ CVV_____

Credit Card Payments  -   Fax to 863-401-9844

Check Payments  -  Make Check Payable to: IBC BASEBALL

Mail To:  IBC Baseball - P O Box 1052, Eagle Lake, FL 33839

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